Vision is proud of its independent line and its ability to present balanced research into issues that the public needs to know about. We are not afraid to provoke controversy or debate through our titles.
Our editorial team is always on the lookout for authors with fresh and innovative ideas. We negotiate with

British and overseas authors and publishers alike, whose ideas and outlook match ours, and who are producing manuscripts on subjects that deserve a much wider audience.
We welcome feedback and suggestions from our readers and we are always interested in hearing from new authors – we hope you are as excited about Vision as we are, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Do you have a book for us?

Whether you have been published before or you are a first-time author, we would like to hear from you if you have a new idea that fits in with our list.

What we are looking for:Investigative Journalism and Current Affairs
Original, cutting-edge investigations, into contemporary issues.
Generally speaking, the more internationally important the issue, the better, although titles specifically relating to UK events are also welcome. The more controversial the proposal, the more we’ll want it, as long as it’s not libellous! Whistleblowers are most welcome.

General Science and Environment
Vision publishes a number of general science titles as well. We are mostly looking for science stories with an investigative flavour – again, controversial and far-reaching and most definitely for the general reader is what we are after.

Sexuality, alternative lifestyles and drug culture
It’s all popular culture and that’s what want. We seek authoritative, reliable and safety-aware writing on sex, sexuality and drug culture that breaks new ground in an original and, where possible, controversial way.
While we are not slaves to political correctness, please note that we will not publish books that encourage non-consensual activities or that encourage prejudice or discrimination.

Exciting biographies about controversial, infamous, political, unusual or inspirational figures, dead or alive.

Society and Media
Intelligent and informed comment on the state of our society and media today, whether you choose to focus on the positive or more troubling aspects of life today. But please – no rants!

We are looking for the rare and exciting alchemy of original, contemporary titles that are off the beaten track but also have a viable market. If your proposal or MS excites us, and will excite our readers, we would like to hear from you.

What we are not looking for:

We do not publish fiction, poetry, illustrated, photography or children’s books, nor do we publish technical or purely academic books. We are no longer publishing cookery titles.
We will not publish books that glamorise or encourage violence and warfare. We are also opposed to publishing books that encourage discrimination or prejudice on the grounds of race, gender, disability or sexuality and we do not support books that condone non-consensual activities.

Vision and Fusion are both trade lists and we enter into a contract with all our authors and we pay royalties or a fee to our authors as per the contract. We are not vanity publishers. With a few rare exceptions, we only acquire world publishing rights and all the usual subsidiary rights to a title.

What we need from prospective authors

In order to be able to make an informed decision on whether to commission a title, we need a fair bit of information. The items in the following list are required, but the more you can supply, the easier it will be to appraise your proposal or manuscript.

Proposal/synopsis – a comprehensive outline of your manuscript/idea (500-2000 words). Of course, if you have the whole manuscript, it would be good to see it in its entirety (in addition to the manuscript, we would need the synopsis as well)
Working title
Chapter breakdown – working titles and a couple of sentences indicating the areas covered in each section
1-3 sample chapters to give an indication of the style and direction of the book (if you haven’t got a complete manuscript)
What, in your opinion, makes this book unique from a contents and marketing perspective
If the manuscript is not complete, an estimated delivery date should you be contracted.
Similar titles already published in the UK and US, their dates of publication and why your book is different. Don’t worry if the subject has already been covered in some form – we just need to be aware
Although the following information is not required, it would assist us enormously. Should you be contracted, we will require most of this information for releasing the title for the trade.
A speculative press release, indicating how you would present the title to the media.
Target audience – who the book will appeal to and why. Figures to support this would be helpful.
Thoughts on possible covers.
Thoughts on publicity – how would you publicise the title? Do you have any media contacts that might be able to assist?